Jolene the cat rescued from hoarding situation is 21 years old

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At the SPCA of Wake County, the staff and volunteers are celebrating the 21st birthday of a cat who was recently rescued from a hoarding situation along with 22 other pets. Her fur was matted, and her nails were so overgrown that they curled under and into her paw pads.

Obviously, Jolene has seen a lot in her 21 years, and the shelter recounts some of the stories she could tell if she could. And for all that, she has now been feeling so much better after a bath and grooming day at the local kitty spa.

For a gal of this age, Jolene sure is youthful. She loves to go on walks outside dressed in her cat harness. She just can’t get to the next “point of interest” quickly enough while outdoors taking in the Spring sunshine. She loves to curl up for attention, but that only takes second to dinnertime.

For her age, she’s in surprisingly good health. She has some signs of renal failure, but that is quite normal for a cat of her age – she’s doing great.

Since Jolene deserves better than the last situation she had to endure, this time her cheering team at the SPCA of Wake County are hoping she can find a home where she will be truly loved. If you think you can be all that for Jolene, please visit

Isn’t she just lovely?

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