Hero needed: Abandoned 6 month old shepherd needs a kind person to give her a chance

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In San Antonio, who can imagine the sadness of a six-month-old puppy in an overcrowded shelter wondering where she is or even how she got there? Meet Sofia – the German shepherd puppy has never known kindness, yet we think she remains optimistic that life could get better.

A volunteer shares Sofia’s heartbreaking story from her very short past:

I was beaten, starved and abused. my whole life on a chain. no one ever said a nice word to me. In the bitten cold winter i nearly froze to death. No one came for me and i do not matter to anyone.

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Shelter notes:

SOFIA #A664296 Owner surrendered. (F) Estimated Age 6 MTHS, BLACK / BROWN, SHEPHERD / BLEND DOG. Weight 26 LBS ♥️Heartworm Test: NEG Heartworm Smear: NEG

📍San Antonio, Tx Days At Shelter: 4

Evaluation Notes:12 feb 23

no dog/dog nor outside observation due to young age

dog displayed sociability by coming over to me for pets and treats with a wagging tail.

Unfortunately, the shelters in the area are overcrowded, and the list is long for dogs meeting their death sentences because no one has rescued, fostered or adopted them. If someone special for Sofia can just imagine how beautiful she could be with good care, love, training and the proper nutrition, please step forward immediately.

Sofia is on Thursday’s list to be euthanized at the shelter. Euthanasia (Kill) begins at 12:30 pm Monday thru Friday and 11am on Saturday. Although general euthanasia (kill) may take place on any of these days, pets with grave medical concerns may be killed at any time.

To allow the staff adequate processing and reply time, ALL placement intention emails from ACS-approved fosters and rescues MUST be received via:

[email protected] at least 30 mins before euthanasia (killing) begins.

Placement requests submitted after these times, to different emails or by rescues, and foster


[email protected]

Please share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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