Heartwarming recovery expected: 5-month-old puppy discovered in crate in dark basement

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It was just one week ago that Animal Control Care and Control Team (ACCT Philly) officers notified the Pennsylvania SPCA in reference to a property where dogs had been fighting in the yard. The dogs were removed by their team, but the discovery in the basement at the home, required the PSPCA’s Animal Law Enforcement team to intervene.

At the arrival of the Pennsylvania SPCA officers, they found Amber sitting alone in a crate in a dark basement. How long had she been there living in those conditions? She had been wearing a loose collar which brought to mind the question had the collar once fit her around her neck? Now she only weighed 14-pounds; her bones protruded, and she was little more than skin over her skeletal form.

Officers knew she was just a puppy; her adult canine teeth had just been breaking through her gums. It would have been tragic, had she not been rescued just in time, that she likely would have perished from starvation and dehydration. And for a puppy whose life had barely began.

She was emaciated. She scored a 1 out of a 9 on the Purina Body Condition Scale – she couldn’t have scored less while still being alive. She was dehydrated, had overgrown nails, a dirty coat and a wound on her muzzle.

Pennsylvania SPCA

In addition, the puppy was hypothermic and anemic. She was immediately administered intravenous fluids for hydration, put on heat support to warm up her body temperature, and has a designed, slow feeding program to help her gain weight safely.

What makes dogs so special is especially telling in Amber. Through all of the neglect, all of her negative experiences so early in life and whatever hardships she has endured, this puppy still wags her tail and has forgiven all humans.

Amber is receiving the treatment she needs, and the help only comes as a result of the generosity of so many people and businesses who look at puppies like Amber and want to make sure this girl, and the others we have yet to rescue will have a positive future – filled with love and adventures.

Here she is: Check out her video:


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