Heartbroken little pup returned to shelter but help arrived

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Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Atlanta, Georgia stepped up on Monday to help in a heartbreaking case of a young dog abandoned at a nearby shelter. The shelter had previously reached out to the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue hoping to find a shelter for this frightened dog, but before transport could be arranged, the dog, named Cardigan had been adopted.

And now you might be thinking – well that was a good thing, but adoptions don’t always work out, and obviously Cardigan didn’t do well at all.

He was not loved by his adopter, and they returned him to the shelter. This is what we were told.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Unfortunately, the organization had not been able to procure a trusted foster home in time, and Cardigan just went to the wrong family.

And now Cardigan is safe. Donations to help with veterinarian charges are needed. We will update on this little guy soon.

In addition to helping Cardigan and donating, foster homes are desperately needed.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

APPLY TO FOSTER! We need you! They need you! Angelsrescue.org/foster.

Donate in one of three ways:  Click the donate button. Go to their website and choose Cardigan from the drop down or drop a check in the mail.

https://angelsrescue.org/donate/ To Cardigan

Excess funds raised for a particular animal will be used for the care and expense of other Angel dogs and cats. Donations made through their website will be tracked internally.

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