Former owner reunites with his dog 10 years after having to rehome him and our eyes well up with tears

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In the daily vlog on TikTok by @livinlifewithSuzy, we are reminded how much we love our dogs and how much our dogs love us. So what, if experts are constantly weighing in contradicting our own very real experiences relating to our dogs’ memories and experiences? We are all living proof that our dogs capture the moment; yes that’s right – those very moments our canine friends call daily life.

In this tissue producing video clip, Suzy captures the moment her husband reunited with the dog he was forced to rehome ten years ago. We know for sure, the man didn’t forget Smokey, and we are betting by the way the two exchange a silent and subtle communication, neither did the dog.

Check out the video:

Smokey greets his previous owner who gives him some treats, but the relationship goes far beyond food. Smokey, at 16 has arthritis and is deaf, but still tries to run. The two embrace – look at Smokey’s eyes as his old friend hugs him. We are all sharing the emotional moments.

Some researchers tell us that dogs live in the moment and form memories all the time and are able to recall them. In, the idea that non humans can consciously remember things they have done or seen in the past had been highly controversial – associated with the thought that animals are not self aware. Maybe not?

Scientists asked 17 [dog] owners to teach their pets a trick called ‘do as i do.’ The dogs learned, for instance, that after watching their owner jump in the air, they should do the same when commanded to ‘do it’

And then it went a step further to prove memory. The owners taught their dogs to lie down after watching them do something like touching an open umbrella or stepping up on a chair. They were no longer required to imitate.

the owner performed the action after the dog laid down, and then ordered the dog ‘do it.’ The dogs then had to recall what it had seen their owner do and remember.

Results: the dogs succeeded in 33 of 35 trials!

So dogs do remember, and if you watched the above video of the man reuniting with Smokey after ten years, it sure does appear this old dog remembers someone he used to know and love.

Scientists do regularly agree that dogs have developed a process called “imprinting” which allows them to utilize the senses of sight and smell to help create memories. Positive reinforcement is the key to effective training as well as patience. We do love our dogs, and our dogs love us – that is fact!

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One adorable ShihTzu 😉
Hugging elephant.

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  1. Yup a tear jerker. Wow the people he gave his dog to did a great job loving and taking care of him because pitty’s rarely live to be 16. And the dog was smiling when he hugged him.


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