Florida woman helping to rescue alligator with its snout taped up for months in local pond

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In Brandon, Florida, a local woman is trying her best to help an alligator whose snout has been taped up since December from her community’s retention pond.

According to the Facebook page of Amber Lock, who resides in Lumsden Reserve, the gator’s mouth had been taped by a trapper who had attempted to remove it from the pond. It seems as if the trapper couldn’t locate the gator after that and left. Since that time, Amber has contacted local trappers, however because of required permits, no one has come out to help. Meanwhile, the gator swims around in the pond unable to eat. Amber calls this entire situation inhumane.

Although alligators are known to be “opportunistic feeders,” meaning they will eat anything they can capture, but being cold blooded do not have to eat that often. Experts say they normally eat only once a week and have been known to survive for a few years without any food.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the delay in helping the gator has been due to the “confusion caused by two different trappers by members of the public.”

Now it appears the alligator may be getting some help – thanks to Amber’s continued efforts and the power of social media and the news coverage. On Tuesday, Amber posted the following:

Update on 🐊

Florida Fish and Wildlife received approval from HOA to issue a permit to the original trapper. Permit has been issued. However, we haven’t seen anyone yet.

Gatorland Orlando wants to transport the gator to their facility to let it live it’s life there!!!!

They will compensate the trapper for their time and do whatever is necessary to make it happen. They just need the cooperation and communication with the trapper!

I am so grateful to Jonee’ LewisFOX 13 News – Tampa Bay Aziz Turner Florida Focus Julie Salomone – JournalistABC Action News – WFTS – TampaSavannah Boan for the support and energy! They’re continuing to share the story!!!

I’ve been so moved to see how much people truly care and want to help.

Say a little prayer for our gator friend. Hope he/she/they knows how much they are loved


Photos via Amber Lock.

Many thanks to Amber for being there for this gator and not giving up!

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