Elderly dog survives unscathed after falling 23 feet down drain looking for treats

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A 14-year-old Labrador retriever named Tess miraculously survived a 23-feet fall down a manhole in search of treats. The dog fell down the open hole as workers had removed the cover and had been inspecting the storm drain.

According to the Portland Fire & Rescue, Tess had been nosing around the workers, hoping to be offered some treats, when she suddenly plunged down the hole. Miraculously, the dog landed on a pile of leaves at the bottom of the drain which served as a cushion.

It took firemen more than an hour to safely hoist her to the top. One of the firefighters descended into the hole and used a pulley system to hoist Tess up to safety. And as soon as Tess reached the sidewalk, her tail started to wag as she shook away the leaves that had stuck to her coat.

#yourportlandfirefighters rescued a 14-year-old lab named Tess this morning at SE 9th and Lambert. Environmental services had removed a manhole cover to inspect storm drains, and the unsuspecting pup fell 23’ to the bottom. The technical rescue team was dispatched, creating a high point to lower rescuers down to the dog. Tess was safely extricated with no injuries.


Tess’s owner Larry Beutler and his wife were relieved their precious pal was rescued and not hurt.

Hopefully, Tess will be more careful with her footing while nosing around for treats from kind strangers.

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