Dog with ‘human lips’ now blows kisses at owner

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A German Shorthaired Pointer named Griffin has quite a defined look – for a dog. The adorable pup from Long Island appears to have human lips which have been compared to Kylie Jenner’s pucker.

According to the dog’s owner, Laura Boehmke’s TikTok account @hunterandgriffin, Griffin joined the family in 2020 and stated the dog started looking at her and “blowing kisses.” Griffin joins her other German Shorthaired Pointer roomie Hunter – the dogs and Laura’s three human children keep the home active and fun.

Check out this short clip:

Griffin shown staring at his mom and turning his head. It appears as if his lips stick to his teeth at times and makes him look as if he has undergone some lip injections to puff out his lips.

Mom Laura has been asked if Griffin has had fillers or even if she used a filter to make the dog appear to have the full lips, but Laura denies any manipulation, and just believes Griffin’s lips are glued to his teeth creating the illusion of human lips. It’s just something the dog does. But, the puckered expression doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it’s just his bottom lip; other times it’s just his upper lip, and of course – the best is when both lips show off those super model lips!

The video has garnered more than 3.1 million views and over 350,000 “likes.”

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