Canine hero saves her friend with a little help from former local mayor

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In the Old Spanish Trails Park of San Antonio, Texas, best canine pals, Aria and Khalessi had been wandering around the area in search of food or maybe an adventure this week. Somehow the two came to a security fence, and of course, the plan was to slip under it and find out what was on the other side. Sadly, the best laid plans of the two dogs quickly went awry. Khalessi’s head got stuck!

The dog struggled to get free, but the ends of the fence dug into her neck. Clearly concerned and worried about her friend, Aria knew she had to find help, and fast. She ran over 100 yards to the first human she spotted for help; that person was former Mayor Garza.

Aria barked at Mayor Gaza, who decided to follow her, and there he found the trapped Khalessi. Garza called 311 for help, and immediately went to work to help the dog until help arrived. Khalessi had been struggling so hard, she had been losing consciousness due to the pressure of the fence against her neck. And to make the situation even worse, the dog was being continually bitten by ants. Garza’s priority was to relieve the pressure so the dog could breathe.

When help arrived, it took two hours for the dog to be freed after fencing had to cut away.

Both Khalessi and Aria were transported to the City of San Antonio Animal Care by officers.

We went through a lot of effort to save the poor dog, but her companion was the true hero.

Mayor Garza

It was obvious that the four-month-old Aria had truly saved the life of her friend.

The two dogs are now in need of homes – maybe one home so they can stay together?

Now, these sweet girls need homes, preferably one together (and one that will keep them busy enough to prevent them from getting into any more precarious situations).

If you’ve been thinking of adding a couple of furry friends to your family, consider visiting Aria and Khaleesi at ACS today from 1 pm – 7 pm


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