Blind cow that worked 19 years on dairy farm finally rescued makes our hearts smile

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Just one week ago, a blind cow who worked for 19 years on a dairy farm was rescued by New Jersey sanctuary Uncle Neil’s Home, a peaceful and loving place where farm animals finally get to relax for the remainder of their lives. No one can be sure how many calves she produced, how she lived or how her nutritional needs were met, but her gentleness has melted hearts all over social media.

Her name is Helen, and she was born May 6, 2004 on a dairy farm where she lived for the last 19 years. She arrived at the sanctuary for specialized care and comfort.

It is difficult to talk about Helen because when we think of her and how much she already means to us in such a short time, words become impossible to find and just don’t do her justice. She is magnificent. helen is intelligent, stoic, independent and watching her experience her ‘firsts’ in sanctuary has been nothing short of amazing.


Check out her video. Check out how she rubs against the person taking care of her. She might not be able to see, but she’s just so ready to give out lots of hugs and rubs.


One week of life with the most beautiful soul in the world ❤️ Helen might not be able to see us, but it doesn’t stop her from knowing exactly where we are to give us hugs. She is so smart, so happy, and so full of life. Every day is the best day ever with Helen. We’re still waiting on bloodwork and testing results, and then once she is medically cleared, we’ll be able to figure out a companion(s) for her. We’re going to carve out some time to do a LIVE with Helen so you can meet her ❤️ Stay tuned for more info.! #cow #cows #blind #farm #animal #animalrescue

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers
According to the sanctuary’s Facebook page, the first few days were very difficult for her. It had been a long ride, and she had never been off the farm where she had been born and lived nearly two decades. She was initially very frightened, but lots of love, conversing with her softly and the power of music, Helen slowly began to relax, eat, settle in and started to realize this strange new place offered something so different and more pleasant than the last place she called home.

Helen has been seeing the organization’s veterinarian, who admits he has never met a cow 19-years-old. Typically dairy cows are killed before six years, and Helen is the oldest cow he ever met. She does suffer from osteoarthritis, and her updated bloodwork is expected back soon. A cow’s lifespan can naturally exceed 20 years.

Helen will remain in medical quarantine for a few weeks before she gets to meet the other animals, but for now she is content to spend 12 hours a day on her feet grazing, feeling the wind and listening to all the new sounds.

We can never have too much love and kindness in our hearts. If you would like to donate to this awesome sanctuary, please click here.

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