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A woman in Anchorage, Alaska has been recovering from injuries she sustained after a moose kicked her in the head while the woman had been walking her dog. The shocking moment which occurred on February 16, 2023, was captured on video.

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Tracy Hansen and her dog, Gunner had been on their usual walk on their usual route they take at least three times a day when suddenly Tracy was hit and bounced to the ground. According to Alaska News Source, the moose unexpectedly charged Hansen and kicked her in the head.

Hansen was so confused by the attack, it wasn’t until she got up that she realized the moose she had seen earlier in the day behind her and Gunner, was now mysteriously in front of them.

A motorist, Kate Timmons, who had been driving down the road saw the moose attack Tracy, and she and her family stopped to help and aided in diverting the moose away from the woman and her dog. Had it not been for Kate and her family helping out, who knows what could have happened.

Hansen was treated at the local hospital and required staples to close up her head injury. Gunner was not injured, however the two are back on their usual walks and on their usual route. No one knows why the moose attacked, but Tracy isn’t going to let that incident keep her from living her life as she chooses.

Get well soon Tracy. Many thanks to the angels who just seem to be around at the precise time to help.

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