Woman arrested after renters find dead dogs behind padlocked door in house

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People renting a residence in Bancroft, Michigan, made a grim discovery after trying to find out the source of a foul odor in the home. According to the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office, there was an “increasingly bad” smell coming from inside the rental unit and the renters decided to break into a padlocked room to see if they could find the source.

In a release, the authorities state:

The complainants told Shiawassee County Animal Control Deputy Kirt Stechschulte that they had discovered 2 deceased dogs behind a padlocked door in a Bancroft residence.
The complainants explained that they were renting the residence and after a foul odor became increasingly bad they decided to break into the room to investigate.

Behind the door were two deceased dogs; one of the dogs appeared to have been partially eaten by the other.

The sheriff’s office said, “It is believed that the dogs had likely passed away sometime in the Summer before the complainants moved in.”

The horrible discovery resulted in the arrest of Jordan Hoisington who is being charged on two felony counts of Animals- Killing/Torturing. Hoisington was arraigned in the 66th District Court on March 1, 2022. Her bond was set at $7500.

Deputy Stechschulte said that this “was one of the worst animal cruelty cases he has investigated.”

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  1. There are NO laws mandating that everyone must have a companion animal…….

    If one has companion animals and can’t rehome them through family, friends, a rescue group or a no kill shelter, instead of abandoning them to starve, get killed by cars, get killed by predators……. then, very sad to admit, there are very few “good alternatives”………

    • I am NOT condoning what this POS did to her precious dogs……. What she did was absolutely disgusting and terrible…….

      I think she should be locked up forever and lose the keys……..


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