Wildlife officials come to aid of doe found with cable wrapped around her torso

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Maine is home to approximately 300,000 whitetail deer, but when wildlife officials received a call about a doe that had a cable wrapped around her torso, Good Samaritans and the state’s wildlife biologists worked together to capture the doe and successfully removed a piece of fencing wire tightly compressing the animal’s midsection.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife blog, Sarah Boyden, a regional wildlife biologist received photos of the doe with the wire completely encompassing the animal’s waist with a wide swath of bare skin showing. It was not known how this happened, but everyone wanted to help.

It wasn’t clear from the pictures what it was, but it had worn off a band of hair, rubbing against her as she walked. Other than the missing hair, she appeared healthy and was spending her time with a group of deer frequently seen around the neighborhood. Although the doe appeared healthy, there was concern that the cable could continue to tighten and affect her survival, so we tried to see if we could intervene.

Sarah Boyden

Biologists were able to hide in the basement of a neighbor’s home and safely tranquilize the doe, and this particular situation worked out well for the doe as she had been safely darted and later found sleeping in the snow. The wire was quickly cut away, and soon she was given a drug to reverse the sedation and jumped back up and ran back to her herd.

Although it is rare to find wild animals connected to wires, Christmas lights or other strange objects they may have picked up along the way (which is why we ask everyone to make sure your trash is well secured), it is recommended to leave the rescue of these animals to the professionals.

This happened to be one very fortunate doe. Live long and free pretty one.

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