Viral video of an unnamed dog pressing his nose against the doorbell has social media baffled but smiling

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A viral video posted to Tik Tok of an unnamed dog ringing a homeowner’s doorbell in the middle of the night has social media scratching their chins and smiling at the same time. Now why would a dog ring someone’s doorbell – especially in the middle of the night when a sleeping person’s worst fears are likely to jar him awake expecting something horrible perhaps?

In this video, which appears to have been filmed using a doorbell camera, a dog can be seen using his nose to push against the doorbell. When the doorbell chimes, the dog steps back – the question remains was he waiting for someone to answer the door or was he startled by the ring of the chimes?

A moment passes, and the dog can be seen looking around, but instead of pressing it again, he decides to chew on it.

Check the video here. So far it has garnered more than 25 million views and 33,000 likes. The poster, @catanddogstory, titled his video, “Special guest in the middle of the night.”

To sum up the thousands of comments following the video, no one really knows why the dog rang the doorbell or if he does this regularly where he lives – wherever that might be. Many viewers were worried the pooch may have been lost, and he was smart enough to try and find someone to help him, or maybe he is a service dog specifically trained to ring door bells in case of an emergency?

We all know that our dogs can do amazing things and have many ways to communicate with us. I guess in this case we are going to have to wait for his owner to come forward to help us really understand.

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