UPDATE: Stray pregnant pup rushed to vet for emergency C-section

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Ariel and Ursula were found on the streets of Houston all by themselves; tiny and defenseless and no owner anywhere. Neither dog had been microchipped, and neither one wore a collar. What are the chances they were lost or did someone just abandon them?

Ariel was the pregnant pup who went into labor one night after she was rescued by ThisIsHouston, but she wasn’t able to deliver her puppies. Sadly, she had tested heartworm positive, had been vomiting and was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Worried about the mom and the puppies, the foster parent rushed Ariel to the veterinarian on Monday morning for an emergency C-section.

Nine puppies were born and placed next to Ariel after she was placed back into her shelter cage while still under anesthesia. When she awoke, she attacked the newborn puppies – four died and one puppy sustained an injury and later passed away. Four puppies are left and are all in the same foster home where they are being cared for and fed.

Ariel is getting supervised visits with them throughout the day, and although she currently has no interest in nursing them she ‘s stimulating them. We don’t know if Ariel will ever nurse them but we’re so thankful this is her final litter.

To be clear, Ariel was not in our care when she was reunited with her puppies. She was still at the vet. We are all devastated. We don’t have the answers as to why, how this happened and we desperately wish things were different, but unfortunately we cannot rewind time.

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We will be checking in on the puppies.

Tiny Ursula is only six to eight months of age and her huge ears all but make her irresistible. She is described as having a great disposition, and remains in foster care.

To donate to Ariel’s care: Paypal.me/ThisIsHoustonTX

Venmo @ThisIsHoustonthis-is-houston.org/ways-to-help/donate/

Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

Photos by Shauna Kiely Photography

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