UPDATE: Stray dog Boji from Istanbul who rode mass transit everyday has been adopted

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Thousands of stray dogs and cats roam the streets of Istanbul, but one particular stray named Boji had become a seasoned commuter thus becoming an internet star, who took advantage of the modern modes of public transportation, and of course, the attention.

Boji, a Kangal Shepherd’s tagline was “the dog touring Istanbul.” Each post attracted thousands of “likes” on his social media accounts. He traveled on ferries, buses, metro trains and trams. Many of his followers made sure he was safe, and when someone spotted him, they followed him around for selfie photos. Boji has stopped in at least 29 metro stations. The dog averaged traveling 18 miles a day and was always respectful of the rules.

On Aug. 18, Boji was taken to an animal nursing home in Kemerburgaz, in northwest Istanbul, with the help of the Istanbul Municipality Veterinary Services. After a chip was placed under his skin, Boji was sterilized and brought back onto the streets.

According to DuvaR.English, the city’s mayor, Ekrem Inamoglu announced this week that Boji has been adopted by Ömer Koç, the chairman of the Koç Holding, one of the largest business conglomerates in Turkey and obviously a devout animal lover.

Boji had been at a local shelter as temperatures dropped near freezing. And although Boji had become an internet star and quite loveable by the thousands of fans who followed his daily travels on Twitter and other social media, he became the target of ire when a photo appeared, allegedly showing how Boji had defecated on the train seat where he had been traveling. Security cameras, however cleared Boji of the “smear” campaign when the video clearly showed an unknown man purposely placing dog excrement on the seat.

Koc Holding has an app SemtPati to help map out the stray cats and dogs roaming the city’s streets and helps to recruit animal lovers to enter the location of the animals into a database with the purpose of better managing the health and welfare of the strays. Volunteers go out and feed the strays and notify officials when animals are in need of emergency veterinarian care.

As for Boji, he now has a home where he can roam and run freely and will be away from people who wanted to hurt him.

Have a wonderful life Boji –

(Photos of Boji via Instagram and Twitter)

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