Update on abandoned dog at courthouse watching all the cars for a familiar face

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Early Friday morning, an abandoned pup went into panic mode trying to find her family. Now it seems as if she was purposely left behind, as she seemed to be watching every car lined up at the Compton Courthouse in Compton, California as if searching for the person she wanted to find.

As rescuer Suzette Hall rushed to get to the courthouse to save the frightened dog from harm, and the volunteer waited for help to capture her, the panicky dog ran up the steps of the courthouse to escape, when she accidentally lost her footing and came careening down the two story building. And although she landed with a thud, she managed to get up and ran as fast as she could to hide under a car.

Fortunately she was able to be captured and rushed to a veterinarian hospital for emergency help.

She has been named Donut. She is approximately 11-years-old, weighs only five pounds and has been extremely neglected. More than likely she had been used for breeding and when she no longer can produce litter after litter because of multiple mammary tumors, she was dumped. And just like so many loyal dogs, she stayed in the same spot where she was dumped waiting for “her people” to return.

Today, she is scheduled to have blood tests and x-rays to determine if she has lung cancer. Meanwhile, Donut remains on pain medication to make her as comfortable as possible.

Please help me help her. Thank you.

Donations can be made directly to my vet: M-F 7 am – 6 pm Camino Pet Hospital949-559-1404 Under Logan’s Legacy29

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ALL donations are transferred directly to my vet Venmo:@Suzette-Hall-3PayPal or Zelle:Suzettehall525@yahoo.comRescued in loving memory of my angel 😇#LH29Forever a eagle 🦅 Joshua 1:9

Suzette Hall

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Taking care of all these babies is exhausting.
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