Ukraine’s special forces rescued tiny black kitten from war torn Snake Island

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Snake Island was the tragic scene of intense battle during the early days of the Russia naval invasion into Ukraine, with Russian forces intending to take control of the strategic island. After Russian forces demanded that Ukrainian forces immediate surrender, soldiers responded with an emphatic refusal.

Months later, Russian troops relinquished control of Snake Island back to Ukraine, but before the troops landed reclaiming the land, they surveyed the area by drone.

The commander saw the little comrade and included the task of bringing him back as one of the mission objectives.

The report we made to the commander after we left the island was: Mission complete, no casualties. One additional team member – a kitten called Snake.


No one knows how the tiny, black kitten survived amid the rocks and debris, but the brave feline surely had to have used some of his allotted nine lives. Soldiers said that the kitten found them. Little Snake bravely approached one soldier and affectionately curled up for a nap. And even though the kitten’s new and loving home has not been revealed to protect the identity of the special forces soldiers, everyone is betting the kitten has found his permanent home with one particular soldier.

We love happy endings.

(Photo via Pixabay)

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