Uber driver found seemingly lifeless dog on side of road and brought him to Kentucky rescue for life saving treatment

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On Monday, the Kentucky Humane Society received a dog in horrific condition after a local Uber driver spotted the dog’s seemingly lifeless body on the side of the road. When discovered, the pup had been covered in his own urine and feces, had open infected pressure sores all over his body and was covered in maggots.

The dog has been named Travolta, and this sweet dog whose body score on a 1 to 9 scale was graded as a 1 was unable to stand on his own from severe malnutrition. Fortunately, at the emergency care department of the Kentucky Humane Society, he continues to receive 24/7 care.

Check out Travolta eating his first meal in who knows how long of a time:


Travolta has since been bathed twice, shaved and his wounds beneath his matted coat are being treated. He seems to be enjoying the attention and has quickly become friends with Dr. Bewley. His second bath and the blow dry helped him fall asleep. And despite all that Travolta has been through, he still wags his tail and dishes out a few slobbery kisses.

He is still too weak to stand without someone holding him up, but Travolta continues to receive intravenous fluids, small meals every few hours, antibiotics and special ointment to treat his infected wounds.

On Wednesday morning, supporters were greeted with an encouraging update:

“…Travolta wants to let everyone know he’s #stayinalive. We are working to help him stand on his own and hopefully we can even get him to walk a little today. He is still receiving constant care in our veterinary ward and has a very long road ahead of him, but we’re cautiously optimistic that he will pull through…”

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More updates to follow.

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