Two-year-old Cane Corso missing for more than a year reunited with his family

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In Laplata, Maryland, a two-year-old Cane Corso, named Buddy, missing for more than a year, has been reunited with his family. His owner Jacquawn Cummings is thankful for his community’s support and help.

Buddy ran away from PetSmart while undergoing training. An animal tracker was hired to help find him, and it was thought that someone had stolen the dog, and he had just not run into the woods. The dog’s scent stopped at a gate after a family member had chased him right after the dog ran away. The family never stopped looking for Buddy and regularly posted on social media in various Facebook groups hoping someone had seen their dog.

Dozens of people notified the family of sightings – the dog had been seen in surveillance videos and pictures around the neighborhood until the clues stopped again.

And then it happened; one day someone from one of the Facebook groups saw Buddy at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. When the family arrived at the shelter, they were ecstatic. It was Buddy, and the family was reunited. Whoever stole Buddy, had his ears clipped and eventually let him wander away.

The rest is history and for sure a very happy reunion. Never give up hope.

Every week we share found animals that come to the AWLA with the hope of reconnecting them with their families. Last week, we posted a cane corso we called Dino, and a family reached out, wondering if it could possibly be their dog Buddy, separated from his family more than a year ago. Buddy had been sighted for months on neighborhood surveillance cameras near his Maryland home, but when he stopped showing up, his family feared the worst, though they did not stop their search. So when they saw Dino’s photo last week, they immediately reached out to see if it could be their Buddy. We were thrilled to find that Dino was indeed Buddy, and his family was overjoyed to be reunited with him this past weekend! From Buddy and his family, thank you to everyone who shares our stray listings so we can #HelpThemHome. #HappyTails like Buddy’s are made possible because of you!

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

(Photos via Facebook and WjlaNews)

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