Thousands raised for sled dogs who were intentionally hit by a snowmobile

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Last Saturday, a snowmobiler hit a sled dog team in northern Wisconsin. According to Ryan Redington, it was an intentional act. Redington recounted what happened, writing:

Yesterday while I was mushing my dog team on the corridor a snowmobile purposely went on to he left side of the trail at a high rate of speed and struck multiple dogs and two dogs have broken legs. The snowmobile driver just stopped at Skerbeck Road and was going down the trail on the right side and then he increased speeds and went left away from the right side of the trail to near the edge of the trail where my team was at and hit my team and I saw it happening and I knew I had to tip my sled to the right off the trail or otherwise he was going to connect with my sled and me.

According to Redington, one of the dogs suffered horrible breaks to his rear leg and another dog was lacerated and bruised. As word of what happened began to circulate, donations came in – topping $40,000 by Thursday.

Redington acknowledged those who had provided support, writing:

Thanks to everyone that have reached out and all the kind words.

You can find the fundraiser at this link.

According to Redington, a police report has been filed about the incident.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Whilst I am very happy that these dogs will get the veterinary care they need, I am VERY disgusted with the POS who deliberately ran them down with his snowmobile.

    WHY did this POS think he had the “right” to harm these dogs???

    I hope they are caught and jailed for a very long time!!’

    In any case, this POS has earned themself a reserved space in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty……..


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