Thousands of animals still at Kyiv Zoo and only limited food remains

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Nearly 4,000 animals of varied species still remain at the Kyiv Zoo. None of the animals have been evacuated or sent to other zoos out of the country. Just days ago, rescuers from the Poznan Zoo, were able to evacuate six lions, six tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog to safety in Poland. The rescued animals had been from a nearby sanctuary, and the director of the facility had hoped to move all 80 of her animals, however she faced the highly emotional task of choosing the animals most likely to survive the treacherous trip to the safe border of Poland.

According to the Independent, elephants, camels and Ukraine’s only gorilla remain behind, and the caretakers say there is only enough food for he animals for the next ten days. The elephants have been administered sedatives to keep them calms during the explosions and the constant noise of shooting. Some of the other animals have been sheltered inside or underground.

The director of Kyiv Zoo Kirill Trentin is living together with his colleagues and their families in the zoo since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun. They call themselves ‘zoo military commune.’ He said that they take care of approximately 4000 animals during the daytime, and at night they are hiding in the shelter.


Check out the video:

On Wednesday, the zoo posted:

Regular news of KyivZoo

The care of the animals does not stop – the zoo staff is on site around the clock. Animals are frightened by the loud sounds of explosions, but our veterinarians are constantly monitoring their condition. We get a lot of questions about Tony’s only gorilla in Ukraine. He is now in the inner gallery of the Island of Beasts. We try to communicate with him as much as possible, because Tony began to miss the visitors. His physical condition is normal. The zoo has food, electricity, heat and water, so no additional help is needed at the moment. Thank you for caring for us! Keep yourselves! Support our defenders!Everything will be Ukraine


Updates to follow as soon as information is released. Meanwhile please keep all of these innocent animals and their protectors in your thoughts.

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