Terrified and broken shelter dog who shakes and cowers in her kennel needs a miracle

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This poor girl brings to light the reality of a terrified and broken shelter dog, shaking and cowering in her kennel, hoping she can hide where no one can find her. At the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Summit, Pennsylvania, the rescue organization is reaching out for help.

Here is a dog who had most likely been abandoned and left alone to scavenge for bits of food and edible trash on the streets. Sadly, her past life has been marked by sores on her skin, open wounds, her weight, her demeanor and the location where she had been found known to be a dumping ground for the unwanted.

The staff at the shelter say she has completely shut down.

She shakes and cowers in her kennel, even though we have her in a quiet area away from all of the barking dogs and craziness. When you take her for a walk, her tail stays tucked and at times, she’ll just freeze out of fear.

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Her eyes look so sad and her broken heart is visible to our imaginations. This poor dog has been let down numerous times, and she just doesn’t have the trust and zest for life that dogs are supposed to have when interacting with people.

This is the reality of the life for a shelter animal. Many of the dogs that come through these doors are terrified and confused and this is just a perfect example. She’s going to a dog that requires a lot of time, patience and lots of love and TLC. We’ll take good care of her.

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Facebook

Please share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

There are many ways to help dogs just like this girl. For more information about adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating, please click here.

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