Tennessee Highway Trooper stopped and saved the life of an injured and parched pup on side of interstate highway

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Thursday was a “ruff” day for a small dog in need of help from kind friends. As a motorist was driving along I75, she spotted a dog in the ditch by one of the signs for Exit 20. And even though this Good Samaritan would have been late for her appointment, she had just seen a trooper in his vehicle in the median not far from the dog’s location and went back to ask him for help.

The trooper was glad to help and followed the driver to where the dog helplessly lying in the ditch and heavily panting from the intense heat of the day. The officer dumped his own jug of Koolaid and fashioned a water bowl for the dog. He poured in a bottle of water, and even though the dog was terrified, she was too weak to try and flee. She sniffed the water, and then realized this act of kindness was directed towards her.

The injured dog drank the water and when the officer added a Little Debby to the bowl, she ate that also.

And then the trooper returned to his vehicle and brought back a chair and an umbrella. He told the Good Samaritan he planned to stay with the dog until she trusted him, and he could pick her up to take her to the shelter or to his own home.

I believe his being there at the right time, was one of those little messages reminding us of the good in our world. Meet Trooper Tudors of the Tennessee State Highway Patrol; one of the good guys for sure.

Kaye Fiorello via Facebook post

The dog was taken to the Cleveland TN Animal Control Division:

 Stray Hold till 6/22/22 Dog #566

Currently being treated at the vet Adult female mix Found on I75 mile marker 19 She was struck by a vehicle and sustained head trauma and possible hip and pelvis fracture. Also heat exhaustion. As of this morning she’s a little more stable.

Questions about the animals will not be answered by animal control staff via Facebook/comments. For questions, you may contact Animal Control directly at 423-559-3333 or come by during business hours MON-FRI 12-5pm SAT 10am-12pm.All adoption fees are $50.00 and includes spay/neuter, first set of shots, deworming, and rabies vaccination(if pet is over 12 weeks of age).Adoptions are first come, first serve – No exceptions.

Cleveland TN Animal Control Division

In a subsequent interview with Trooper Tudors, we are told he would like to adopt the dog if her owners are not found.

Please stop by the Tennessee Highway Patrol Facebook page and give the trooper an “attaboy.” We can always use some inspirational news that makes us all smile.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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