Ten-year-old Jacob mourned the day his owner left him at the shelter but a new home could turn his life around

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Who could really know how ten-year-old Jacob felt that day his owner left him at the shelter and walked away? It was a long time ago that Jacob was left behind, but it seems to this day, every time someone passes his kennel cage, and although he is always trying to have fun with a toy or nibble on a treat, he looks up and down into the hallway with “sad hollow eyes.”

A volunteer at the Lifeline Animal Project, is saddened to see Jacob spending his life in a kennel, but thus far this is Jacob’s only option – that or death. This senior pooch is a volunteer favorite because of his vibrant personality and that sly grin he gives everyone when spending time with him.

“…that crooked little gait he has as he walks gently by your side and his simpleness – such as a car ride or a treat which light up his world. He is a low-key kind of boy that doesn’t require much maintenance, just the basics like outdoor bathroom breaks, a warm house, cozy bed, food, water and love. For this, he will love you to the moon and back.”

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And so what? Jacob isn’t a young pup anymore which makes him less desirable on the adoption circuit, but consider his wisdom, his gratefulness and his loyalty. No chewing up your slippers, no bathroom messes in the living room and just a desire to please.

“As I age, it makes me wonder why getting old can make you become so disposable. What Jacob may not have in age, he has in wisdom, grit and gratefulness. He may have a few issues but who doesn’t? He won’t quit you until his final days so is there anyone out there who can commit to Jacob and not quit him? Your commitment won’t be for a long time but to Jacob it will be his lifetime. Please adopt or foster Jacob! January’s adoptions are waived for seniors. Lifeline Community Center – 3180 Presidential Drive, Atlanta, GA – 404-292-8800 – adoptions@lifelineanimal.org or foster@lifelineanimal.org

Gwen K.

No one has been asking about Jacob. If you could, let’s share is plight and give this senior an opportunity to enjoy his senior years filled with love and harmony. Sharing saves lives.

For more details how to adopt, please click here.

Check out his video:


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