Teen stomped on cat and tried to drown it in a bathtub

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An 18-year-old woman in Florida is accused of trying to kill a cat. As reported by WEAR TV, the cat abuser is identified as Briyona Jacobus; she is charged with animal cruelty and was booked into the Escambia Jail for trying to drown her cat in a bathtub on May 3.

The police were alerted to the incident by a woman in the home who saw Jacobus trying to kill the cat. The woman pulled the cat out of the bathtub and Jacobus allegedly stomped on the feline before the woman was able to pick it up and get it away from danger. According to the news agency, the cat was soaking wet when deputies arrived and “barely breathing.”

The arrest report states:

“Animal control arrived on scene and observed petechial hemorrhage in the cat’s eyes,” the report states. “The cat had a concussion and was taken for further observation and treatment.”

Jacobus was described as “incoherent” when deputies arrested her, and she said that there were voices in her head.

(Booking photo)

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