Sweet Dobby wonders if his lack of sight and hearing is why nobody wants to adopt him

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A sweet pup named Dobby is wondering why nobody wants to adopt him…could it be his lack of vision or hearing? Earlier this month, Speak Rescue and Sanctuary posted a photo of the pretty pooch, writing a post from his perspective:

Dobby here wanting to know why I never receive any applications. Is it because I’m blind and deaf? You really wouldn’t know it. I get around extremely well and can do stairs, both up and down. I am completely housebroken and will jingle bells on the door to let you know when I have to go out. Is it my ears? Are they too big?

On Dobby’s adoption profile, the rescue group explains that he and his littermates were found wandering on a road in rural Missouri – apparently abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

His profile outlines how he is adapting to life as a differently-abled dog:

Because he’s hearing and vision impaired, Dobby is learning touch commands. He already knows come, sit, down, shake, and no. He’s house trained and already does well on a leash. Dobby is a mix of border collie, Australian cattle dog and other brilliant, active breeds. He’s not hyper, but he does need mental and physical activity to keep his brain and body challenged.

Dobby is adorable! And smart, and anyone would be lucky to have him join their family. Will you please share Dobby’s adoption information and help him find his perfect home?

Petfinder link here.

Location Address

PO Box 318
Troy, IL 62294

Email: adopt@speakstlouis.com

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Dobby is gorgeous!!! He will make a wonderful companion😀😀😀

    I can assure everyone that a blind, all black dog is exactly the same as any other dog!!! His focus is on mealtime, treats, snuggles, visits with friends and relatives.

    He passionately hates bath time AND “double this hatred” for the veterinary clinic visits that he regularly is subject to for his own health maintenance!!!


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