Stray puppy who fell into 90 feet deep ravine rescued and then finds loving home

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Just a few days ago, a stray puppy had the misfortune of falling down a ravine reported to have been over 90 feet deep. Because the puppy was so small and young, he was not strong enough to climb out.

According to the official Twitter  account of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, the puppy was miraculously uninjured from the fall. When authorities from the Animal Surveillance Brigade were notified by a Good Samaritan, they were able to use special equipment to rescue the puppy. The trash, rubble and debris made the efforts to bring the puppy up to safety made the task even more difficult.

Once safely on higher ground, the police were able to reassure the frightened puppy as they hugged the poor little guy whispering comforting words.

The puppy was not microchipped nor had a microchip indicating he had likely been born on the streets or just abandoned by his owner, but his fate quickly changed. The person who had reported spotting the puppy in the ravine took him to a veterinarian to be examined and then decided to adopt him.

And this is just one lucky and adorable puppy!

Live a long and happy life little one.

(Photos via Twitter)

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