Stray puppy found in Baltimore County hunched over unable to walk and frozen with pain

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A badly injured puppy spotted in the area in Baltimore County was reported to Baltimore City Animal Control on Monday. When officers arrived, the puppy, now named Seattle, was unable to walk or move around. She was hunched over and frozen with pain. Officers rushed her to receive emergency veterinarian care.

Veterinarians for BARCS Animal Shelter immediately performed x-rays of Seattle which revealed that both of her femurs and her hip were fractured; injuries according to the veterinarian team that would be consistent with being kicked very hard or hit by a heavy object.

If this is the case, we cannot even begin to understand why anyone could do such a horrible thing to an animal – let alone a baby. And yet, with no reason to, she still crawled and clung to humans for help.

BARCS Animal Shelter

Seattle will need to undergo surgery to repair her broken bones, and she is expected to need multiple surgeries because of the severity of the injuries. To help with her surgery, please click here.

We know that it is difficult to read about injured and abused animals, especially those victims of violence. It’s hard for us too – we never get ‘used to’ the things we see each day. We thank each and every one of you who support our shelter so that we can save animals like Seattle.


Please contact Baltimore City Animal Abuse Detective Kan at 443-257-7402 if you have any information regarding the case. You can remain anonymous. If you see something, say something.

Please share Seattle’s photo and story. Someone must be able to recognize this puppy. Help her find justice and hopefully keep another dog safe from the person(s) who inflicted such pain and suffering on this innocent puppy.

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