Stray pup had been out on the streets for more than a year suffering until help arrived

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On the outskirts of Houston, a young, street dog scavenged for survival for more than a year. He had been fortunate enough to have been befriended by a local woman who had been feeding him, but his health had been gradually declining when Houston K-911 Rescue reached out to help.

Alvin, (aka Kobe) was rushed to Vergi where he was examined and life-saving treatment initiated. He was given a cool bath and Capstar to kill all of the fleas. The technicians had to constantly change his bedding as the dying fleas fell off. Radiographs showed two bullets near his neck; it likely had been an older injury because no entry wound was visible. No one can even imagine the suffering this poor dog had endured.

Blood tests put his hematocrit at 15 and his white blood cell count was off the charts. Fluids and strong antibiotics have been administered, and plans were made to aspirate the swollen lymph nodes to further diagnose what is going on with Kobe’s health.

Check out the video just moments before he was rescued and rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital:

An update on Sunday evening described Kobe as making some progress, but he’s not out of danger yet. He may have to head to Texas A&M for further treatment, but for now the 78-pound pooch is just exhausted and resting comfortably in a foster home.

Listen foster mom, word on the street is that rescue dogs get midnight snacks all the time! Not 11:55 pm snacks, not 12:45 am snacks. Midnight snacks! Thems are da rules. Will you help me with my punctuality, beautiful foster mom, Kelly? Ima be a real good foster dog guest for you, I promise. Love, Kobe

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Check out the most recent video:

The rescue organization is in dire need of donations to help pay for Kobe’s treatment.

Would you consider sending him a little bit of something to cheer him up?…

For more information how to help with donations, please click here.

Updates to follow.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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