Shelter pup had his own party and played with every toy he could find

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At Cincinnati Animal CARE, playful Damon has made a splash with everyone at the shelter.

I was in a meeting for about 45 minutes and came back to this… It’s so easy to get mad and be upset, but you have to stop and think about it. This dog, Damon, has been in the shelter since November. 7 months to the day today he has been at the shelter in a kennel or a private room alone. And today he had a party in my office. He played with every toy he could reach. Destroyed them to shreds. And he loved every second of it. And today, I’m thankful I could give him that opportunity.

Sydney Harlow

Although Damon has still not been adopted, he’s an all around happy pup who delights in his outings and social contacts. A foster family took Damon for the afternoon on Saturday, and he had a toy party. Of course, he couldn’t decide which toy he liked best, so he decided to play with all of them.

For an active family, Damon would fit the bill. He is described as a medium-energy pup who loves to do zoomies, chomp on toys and is quite experienced in lap snuggling. Although he just loves to play, he settles in quickly once he’s familiar with his surroundings.

Damon would do best being the only dog in the family and with older children.

Damon is an all-around happy boy who loves everyone… exuberantly! He has done really well learning to take food and treats gently, and is doing much better on walks with his easy walk harness! This adorable bulldog mix will melt your heart!

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If you are interested in adopting Damon, stop by CAC any day between 1pm and 6pm.If you would like to give a pup a toy party of their own, apply online to foster at

Email [email protected].

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