‘Ritz’ the kitty missing since 2006 saved just moments before he was to be euth’ed

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Ritz the cat had been missing for 16 years from his home in Bear, Delaware. His owner, Jason McKenry never thought he would ever see his two-year-old gray tabby again, although he searched high and low for him. He posted flyers, called area shelters for months – keeping in touch with the animal shelters hoping his cat would reappear.

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And late last week, Jason received a text! Who would have ever expected that a veterinarian would be calling and telling him that a cat brought into the veterinarian hospital for injuries, had a microchip leading back to McKenry? For years, Jason had hoped someone would find his cat, but he never expected Ritz showing up 16 years later.

When the cat disappeared, Jason had been out of town, and his roommate opened the door accidentally letting Ritz escape. Way back when Ritz disappeared and ran out of Jason’s apartment, the cat had jumped onto a neighbor’s pickup truck.

According to DelawareOnline, little is known about Ritz’ past life on his own, but through the kindness of strangers who had been feeding him and from one person in particular, Ritz was taken to a local veterinarian. The Good Samaritan, Emily Russell, 18, had been feeding the cat along with other cats she thought to be feral, but knew this cat was different because he was so friendly. She named him Tom. He had been the only cat that allowed her to pet him.

Recently Tom had shown up at Emily’s doorstep and appeared to have been injured. Maybe he had been hit by a car, so along with her dad, Emily brought the cat to Lums Pond Animal Hospital for help; that is when the staff checked for a microchip.

It seems as if the “chips” all just fell into place. Even the makers of the microchip company were amazed. It is expected now that veterinarians, shelters and rescue organizations scan all pets for microchips.

Ritz has since been reunited with his family, and Jason promises that this cool cat will have the best of care for the rest of his life.

How amazing is that story? May we remind you if your pet is missing, NEVER give up.

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