Rescuers take in dog who was beaten, shot and left for dead in Texas

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A dog is getting a second chance after being beaten, shot, and left for dead in rural Texas. Ranger’s Reach, in League City, has taken the battered dog under its wing, alerting Facebook followers of his arrival in a post on Wednesday:

Incoming: this baby is being transported immediately to us as he is currently in rural, south Texas where animals are disposable. He was beaten and shot and left suffer. We want to give him a chance.

Sharing the social media post that prompted them to take him in:

This was the post that tugged at our heartstrings….
Ponce was beat to almost unconsciousness today. He was also shot. He cannot stand. He is disoriented. He has sustained several blows to the head.

The most recent update indicates that transport is underway:

UPDATE: The volunteer driver left their area around 6:30 am, he should arrive in Houston around noon. Our vets at Pearland Animal Hospital are awaiting his arrival. We were told he did move a little overnight, took his meds and several syringes of fluids. We will update as we know more and get a complete exam, as all we have at this moment is his x-rays.

The dog, dubbed Ponce, may or may not survive – but at least people are fighting for his life. You can follow Ranger’s Reach at this link to Facebook.

Donations for Ponce’s veterinary care can be made to Ranger’s Reach:

Paypal: [email protected]
Venmo: @rangersreach

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