Rescuers save 14 dogs in desperate need from 9 degree temperatures in St. Louis

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Fourteen dogs were saved on Wednesday by Stray Rescue Organization in St. Louis. No sooner had one of the most popular and beloved rescuers, Donna opened the door to her Jeep after finding one of the stray pups shivering in the streets, did he run right over and jumped in.

Help me, I’m FREEZING.

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There was no doubt this dog knew he was safe, and so were the others lives rescued. In order to continue saving lives, foster homes need to be made available. If you are in the area and can make room for one of these needy pets, please contact

Becoming a Stray Rescue foster parent is one of the most helpful, heartfelt things you could possibly do for a homeless companion animal. As a foster, you provide a temporary loving home for an abandoned dog or cat until he or she finds a forever home. Many of those we rescue have lived difficult lives on harsh city streets, and fosters are essential to showing these animals what it means to trust, feel safe, and experience comfort. Whether your foster is with you for several days or several months, the knowledge that you helped immensely will last a lifetime.

If you have already filled out an application but haven’t heard back, we do need your help! Just follow up by emailing

More fosters will help these rescuers save more lives off the freezing streets. Turning a dog away because they don’t have room would be devastating.

The coldest temperatures of winter are here. If you see a stray animal in the city of St. Louis who needs help, please call. If your pet at home needs supplies to stay safe and warm, and you can’t afford them yourself, please call. You do have resources.

Don’t wait until the last minute, get them set up now. Don’t let them suffer in the cold. 314-771-6121.Learn more right here:

If you are calling about a dog that IS owned but is NOT yours, you’ll need to do the following: Call your local animal control, fill out a CSB report for city, and call your local police.

Many thanks to all rescuers who are helping during this tough time of year for the strays, unwanted, injured and tossed away lives that deserve better.

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