Rescuers left speechless: Owner dumped emaciated puppy at shelter ‘just like that’

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A mere puppy, no more than one-year-old, was surrendered to Broward County Animal Care and Control on Wednesday by her owner. Cookie weighs only 19 pounds; a dog of her breed and size at this age should weigh 40 pounds.

How can anyone look at a dog day in and day out and not care that they are starving to DEATH? This is Cookie…just rescued … as an owner surrender. That’s right… They surrendered her and were allowed to go home and about their life while she is FIGHTING FOR HERS.

Mutty Paws Rescue

Mutty Paws Rescue has stepped up to help Cookie and has been rushed to Dr. Kadish where she is undergoing diagnostic testing to make sure there is no internal damage. At this time, the puppy’s prognosis is unclear, but everything possible is being done to save her life.

Updates to follow.

Donations would be appreciated to help with Cookie’s veterinarian costs.

Any help towards her life saving care would mean the world to us. We have no idea what we’re up against currently. We need our village..

All donations are 100% tax deductible 📌📌Venmo: (561)891-8589 @muttypawsrescue📌416 Arabian Rd. Palm Springs, Fl 33461

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