Rescued pooch sits ‘cross-legged’ after hit by car but she’s one perky princess in need of a home

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Nina was rescued from the streets of Lebanon after she had been struck by a car. When found, she was paralyzed from the waist down, but being only three-years-old and having a remarkable zest for life, Nina hasn’t let her disability keep her down.

In the care of the rescue organization, Wild at Heart Foundation based in the U.K., Nina is hoping to find a loving, forever home. Let’s get social media involved now, and help this sweet dog live happily ever after.

To begin:

When Nina isn’t playing with her canine friends or seeking out birds in the garden, she loves nothing more than cuddling up with her human and having her ears scratched along with belly rubs. She is inquisitive by nature – licky mats, kongs and figuring out new puzzles are just some of the things she loves. Nina is highly motivated by food, so training comes easily to her. She has learnt ‘lay down’, ‘stay’, ‘wait’ and ‘leave’ since arriving here in the UK, she is such a clever girl!

Wild at Heart Foundation FB

Nina is adept at maneuvering around in her cart and loves to visit the beach, lie in the sun and watch the world go by through the living room window of her foster home. Her favorite toy is a squeaky duck.

As to her dog to dog and cat relationships, she does fine with the other dog and cat she is currently living with and enjoys the company of children she has met.

Nina needs specialized care:

Nina is paralysed from the waist down – applicants need to be aware and dedicated to her ongoing care needs as well as committed to the costs of her veterinary care. Nina requires someone who is home most of the time, with a family who either has the dedicated support from others or someone who does not travel often. Nina’s bladder needs to be expressed 4 times a day and she requires daily cleaning and care of her skin and hind legs. She can suffer from bruising if left on too many hard surfaces and can sometimes have accidents in the home. Nina currently has a great routine and has come a long way since arriving. Her overall condition has improved significantly, and daily urine support medication and regular care has helped keep urine infections at bay.

Wild at Heart Foundation FB

Please share Nina’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Just that one special person will be Nina’s hero.

To find out more about Nina visit

Many thanks to the Mirror for bringing Pet Rescue Report’s awareness to this special dog.

(Photos via Facebook from Wild at Heart Foundation)

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