Rascal spent 222 days watching other dogs at shelter get adopted: Today he found his human and his home

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In Orange County, Florida, for 222 days, Rascal waited in his kennel at Orange County Animal Services and watched every dog around him get adopted. At eight-years-old, stubborn and dog reactive, Rascal didn’t garner much attention with families interested in adopting a dog. Yes, Rascal may have put on a stubborn front, but the very sweet and gentle-hearted Rascal was a staff and volunteer favorite.

Rascal was featured heavily on the news, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We took him out for long walks, and he spent a great deal of time in our offices. We didn’t want his long stay to harden that beautiful heart.

Facebook at Orange County Animal Services

But then Rascal’s day came, and sometimes we all just need to be patient. The shelter received an email from a man who had followed Rascal’s videos, and although he wasn’t fixed on adopting Rascal, his real desire was to find a dog to adopt who could help him recover from the recent loss of his own dog.

I’m in need of another dog to rescue me.

New owner for Rascal – Siike

And when the two met, it was an instant bond, and Rascal was adopted that day. And if you’re curious as to how the newly bonded friends have been progressing, Rascal’s new human sent the following update to the rescue – making everyone smile from ear to ear.

“He is rolling around on this patch of carpet and we are playing. He already follows me everywhere I go around here. He fell asleep laying against my chest. I can tell he is grateful. I’m glad I stopped by today. And I cannot thank you enough for waving the fee, his heartworm treatment, and all the gifts…having all this help gets Rascal and I off to a running start together where I’m not constantly catching up on old debts while trying to care for him. Just… thank you! All! He is in good hands. I swear I will protect him with all that I have.”


And there you have it folks. Never give up!

If interested in adopting, please contact the rescue directly. You can view the adoptable dogs at www.ocnetpets.com, or just come visit. Spend some time outside with one of their dogs, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love.

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