Raccoons living in dumpster adopt kitten and all part of the ‘pack’

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A small kitten seems to be very comfortable living in a dumpster with a pack of raccoons. TikTok user @nicoles_garbage_goblins has featured the strange family with videos proving that families don’t have to be traditional.

The video clip begins with the woman’s closeup of a red dumpster looking for her favorite raccoon family, however she was shocked to see a small kitten running around the trash alongside of several raccoons.

Oh my God, there’s a kitten. Oh my gosh!

Nicole on TikTok

The kitten darted around the trash pile quickly, and it didn’t take long before she joined the other raccoons and hid in the corner out of view. Moments later, the raccoons can be seen leading the dumpster using a bin close by to provide them an exit route, but the kitten didn’t follow.

A follow-up video narration stated the kitten was able to escape a little while later and re-joined her raccoon family.

The Tik Tok account owner reposted the video after she said it had been her most watched TikTok post of 2021. Some people responding expressed their concern for the kitten’s safety, but other people joined into the conversation saying different species living and working together are not as unusual as some people might think.

Source: Newsweek

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