Puppy discovered by Uber driver nearly lifeless on side of road befriends another miracle pup at Kentucky shelter

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It would be hard to forget emaciated Travolta arriving in horrific condition to the Kentucky Humane Society after a local Uber driver spotted the dog’s seemingly lifeless body on the side of the road late last week. When discovered, the barely alive pup was covered in his own urine and feces; maggots and open infected pressure sores were over his thin body.

Travolta was immediately treated by veterinarians, repeatedly bathed, shaved and the wounds beneath his matted coat treated. He continues to enjoy the attention and has bonded with Dr. Bewley, and despite all that Travolta has been through, he still wags his tail, loves to be pampered and dishes out a few slobbery kisses in appreciation.

He continues to make progress and has gained four pounds, is walking and has been reported to be much livelier although he does tire easily.

Look who had a visitor! Our baby Ethan stopped by our veterinary ward to give Travolta some love and support during his recovery. Travolta is doing well today. Because of how badly he was starved, we are monitoring his progress heavily and taking his recovery very slow. He has been able to walk for short periods of time but he tires easily and needs frequent naps and rest. We are continuing to give him small meals throughout the day to help him gain weight and working with him to rebuild the muscle he lost while starving. Please continue to cheer this sweet guy on.

Kentucky Humane Society

And so we all know how patients enjoy visitors while they are going through the healing process, and over the weekend Travolta had a visitor. A fellow rescue dog named Ethan, who had been abandoned in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society a year ago stopped by to offer some moral support. He was another pup who had been emaciated, could barely lift his head and struggled just to stand up.

Since that awful time for the mixed breed friendly pooch, who now has a loving home of his own, perhaps a friendly bark would be the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ for little Travolta. And Ethan is a celebrity! He became the Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Beer’s Dog Brew.

When the dogs first met, both acted a bit shy, but soon became friends. Never give up! Ask Ethan and now ask Travolta.

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