Pregnant pit bull found wandering the streets glows in her own maternity photoshoot after being rescued and more

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The inspirational story about Pickles may be a bit older, but the work of dedicated volunteers at Pits & Giggles Maternity Rescue, a North Carolina non-profit specializing in caring for pregnant and nursing dogs as well as their puppies, is in constant demand.

Pickles was found wandering alone on the streets when animal control officers took her to the local shelter. They quickly contacted her owners who, likely because the dog was pregnant, decided they didn’t want her anymore. Pickles was close to birthing her puppies when the shelter reached out to Pits & Giggles Maternity Rescue for help, and even though Pickles’ belly was so huge with puppies about to be born, the friendly dog loved her rescuers.

It was Lauren Casteen Sykes, a pet photographer behind Enchanted Hills Photography, who offered her services; surely a gorgeous layout of Giggles and her precious puppies, who would be in need of homes in a few months, would bring interest via social media. So … what are the odds of a dog being so photogenic as if she was born to be posing in front of a camera? And with Lauren’s exceptional talents and Pickles’ beauty, the canine diva posed, smiled and made everyone laugh.

According to Bored Panda, Lauren thoroughly enjoyed Pickles, but then again who wouldn’t love such an endearing challenge?

She’s quite the model. Her legs are certainly too short for the runway, but she was really loving all the attention and affection. The most challenging part was getting Pickles to stop licking us! She wanted pets, pats and belly rubs. She was just loving this new thing called ‘love.’ She was so excited she could hardly sit still! Seeing Pickles sticking her tongue out, wagging her tail and just being overall content was the most rewarding part. I could not thank the board and volunteers of Pits & Giggles enough that saved this sweet mama.


Not long after the photo shoot, Pickles gave birth to eight healthy puppies. Of course, it had to follow that the babies had a photo shoot – this time out of their mom’s belly, and none prouder than Mama Pickles was right there showing off her gang of adorable ones.

And as we fast forward ahead, Pickles never had to have another litter of puppies, and she found her forever home. Her puppies were all adopted, but the need for rescuing never stops.

As recent as a few weeks ago, a pregnant mom arrived and needed medical attention. A week later she delivered four babies – one puppy died within 24 hours, and the other three puppies had been born with a malformation of their ribs and were unable to breathe properly. The mother dog was frantic and worried about her puppies, couldn’t get them to nurse and tragically veterinarians agreed the little ones would not be able to survive. The decision to humanely euthanize them rather then to let them suffer was made.

The mother dog was devastated and spent the next day in a panic searching for her babies. Nothing seemed to be able to comfort her; that is until Pits & Giggles called out to other rescues and shelters for help. Miraculously four pit bull puppies, just a few days old in need of a mother, were located.

You already know how this story ends. Mama embraced these littles the moment they arrived. She went from frantically inconsolable to completely calm and SO happy. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Mama Uno and her Draw Four: Shuffle, Wild, Skip and Reverse.


Check out the video:

To help with the puppies and the new one bound to soon arrive, donations would be wonderful. Please click here to help.

You can also mail your donations directly at:

2764 Pleasant Road Suite A , Fort Mill, SC 29708

(Photoshoot via Enchanted Hills Photography)

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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