Poor senior pup dumped from car found curled up in the snow trying to stay warm

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In Ann Arbor, Michigan, as the temperatures dropped to near 9 degrees, it is suspected someone abandoned a sweet senior dog on Wednesday; since then the friendly pooch had been trying to survive the latest blast of cold weather. When discovered, she was curled into a ball – the snow and ice crusting over her fur.

This sweet girl is Emmy. She’s around 8-9 years old & we heard she was likely dumped from a car Wednesday night & has been outside surviving the cold since. We cannot imagine the confusion, heartbreak & bitter coldness this girl has endured. We are saddened & angry for Emmy & all the dogs & cats just like her who are right now facing the winter elements.

Facebook P.O.E.T Rescue

P.O.E.T Animal Rescue stepped up to helped after an emergency post went out on social media asking for help. The Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter had received reports about Emmy’s struggle in the bitter cold.

Animals are freezing to death outside in this weather. We were lucky to be alerted to one such dog yesterday in time to save her, but she wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

We are BEGGING YOU, if you have animals BRING THEM INSIDE, please! Put them in your basement. They can’t survive these brutal temps w a doghouse. They cannot! They have no access to water, but at this point it doesn’t matter bc the temps will KILL THEM.

Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter

Emmy was rushed to the Pet Care Clinic Lincoln Park where her condition has been stabilized. She is currently able to maintain her body temperature – a very good sign. She is 8-9 years of age, emaciated (weighs 35 pounds and should weigh 50 -60 pounds and needs a lot of dental work.

We’ve also learned she’s heartworm negative (yay!), has skin issues (lots of fleas & lumps). She will be staying at the ER where she is comfortable, warm and loving her new pampered life.

If you would like to donate for Emmy, please use the donate button or PayPal [email protected] or Venmo @poetdogs (last 4 of phone – 8593).

We will update soon!

Welcome to your new life Emmy.

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