Owner of Georgia animal rescue group arrested after dogs found living in deplorable conditions

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After numerous reports of dogs living in deplorable conditions, police raided a dog rescue in Atlanta. Authorities found more than 200 dogs at the property of Dogs Rock Rescue. The Heard County Sheriff’s Office stated they found dead dogs, undernourished and dehydrated dogs and diseased dogs living in horrendous conditions.

Local residents had complained about the smells from the rescue organization as well as constant barking. Other local neighbors stated they saw vultures regularly circling the property.

According to Fox News, the owner, Wendy Brewer, faces two counts of felony aggravated animal cruelty and two misdemeanors for animal cruelty and abandonment.

While we were out there, they observed what they said was a vulture that swooped down and grabbed hold of a puppy and tried to take off with it. So the animal control officer and code enforcement intervened to protect the animal. While they were out there they was some conditions that were unfavorable for some animals.

Heard County Sheriff Lt. Dan Boswell

Officers also found a fire pit, and in it, 20 canine skulls with bullet wounds were discovered.

The rescue frequently held adoption events at PetSmart, however after their most recent event, some of the dogs were still in the van parked on the property.

(Photos via Heard County Sheriff’s Office)

On Sunday, the Heard County Fire and Emergency Services reached out to the community and animal lovers for help.





Starting on August 29, 2022, at 0800, Heard County Animal Control & Heard County EMA, began the recovery phase of this disaster. This phase is known as “Operation Scooby Doo”. Reason for this operational name is because everyone loves Scooby Doo, and he helps all dogs!

Here is where you as citizens of Heard County come in. We are in desperate need of donations! All monetary donations can be given to the Heard County Commissioner’s Office, but please make sure to specify that the donation is for the Heard County Animal Services.

What is needed:

We also have a need for many items to use for the care of these animals.

 Dry Dog Bagged Dog Food

o Needs to be pre bagged and sealed

 Dog Houses

o Medium to Extra Large

 Kennel Pee Pads

 Canopy Popup Tents

 Food and Water Bowls

o Stainless Steele is the best

 Dog Leashes

 Dog cleaning supplies

 Grooming supplies

 Big dog toys

 Laundry Detergent

o Liquid

o Boxed Borax

 Cleaning supplies.

o Bleach

o Disinfectant Spray

 Cedar shaving

o Needs to be pre bagged and sealed

 Trash Cans

o 4 – 50 Gallon rolling for food

o 4 – 50 Gallon for trash

 Trash Bags

o Contractor Bags for strength.

 2 – 20’ x 60’ pole tents for cover

 8 – 100-foot water hoses

 Dog Sleeping Pads for medium and Large Dogs

Donation Locations in Heard County:

Heard County EMA is assisting the Heard County Animal Control, in coordinating donation efforts.

The first location will be at the Heard County Fire & Emergency Services building located at 11816 Hwy 100, Franklin, Georgia 30217. We will have a drive through drop off point in the rear of the building.

As you enter the property drive between the Heard County Sheriff’s Office and our building.

Make a right onto the gravel driveway in the rear of the building. You will see a tan two bay building, this the drop off location. After you drop off your donations, please exit the property to the right of the building and pull back around to the front to exit. Traffic cones will mark drive lanes. At the drop off location you will need to fill out a donations sheet, this is to keep inventory and who dropped off what, for state paperwork.

This location will be accepting donations Monday through Saturday 9 am to 7 pm each day. Please DO NOT bring donations to the animal control office as they are not staffed to take donations.

The second donation location:

Max’s Place Restaurant located at, 2002 Franklin Pkwy, Franklin, GA 30217. See Max for donation staging area.

We ask that you please remember this is an ongoing recovery phase and investigation, NONE of the volunteers have the ability to answer questions about the investigation. Also remember the Fire Service location is an operating emergency services station and we ask that you please do not block and emergency apparatuses.


If you are wanting to adopt a dog, please park in the parking lot between the sheriff’s office and HCFES building and walk over to animal control. There will be a tent to fill out paperwork and wait to enter the building. There are only a few volunteers working the adoptions and they will assist you as soon as possible.


If you wish to help volunteer and care for the dogs, please do not call the animal control office, because they are busy talking with doctors and state personnel. Please come to the Heard County Fire Administration office and pick up a volunteer form. Fill out this form and this will expedite the process to help. Please bring your state issued ID with you.

Thank you for all the prayers and donations.

Robert Bell

Heard County EMA

Deputy EMA Director

[email protected]


Amazon donation orders are accepted and may be shipped to: Heard County Fire & Emergency Services (Attn: HC Animal Control) 11816 GA Hwy.100, Franklin, GA 30217


To make monetary donations via PayPal:

Visit: https://www.heardfire.com/index.html Look for Operation Scooby Doo, there you will see a link for PayPal Monetary Donations.

Please share this information.

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