Over 60 dogs rescued from inhumane and unsanitary conditions at breeder’s property

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More than 60 dogs and puppies have been rescued from inhumane and unsanitary conditions at a breeding operation in Moyock, North Carolina. The troubling situation was discovered on Friday after numerous “stray” dogs were observed running loose in the area. Animal control officers discovered that the dogs came from Bentwood Labradors, a dog breeding operation in the town.

Conditions at the property were dismal. Officials found dogs living in filthy, outdoor kennels, and one dog was deceased. The Currituck Animal Services staff said that the surviving dogs were, “dehydrated, lethargic, emaciated, and overall in poor health.”

Rescued from “inhumane conditions”

Many of the dogs required emergency veterinary care. The Currituck Animal Shelter has stated that the dogs are receiving round-the-clock care and being fed five times daily at the Roanoke Island Animal Clinic. Images posted to the shelter’s Facebook page reveal severely malnourished dogs.

Rescued dog

The community has responded to calls for help, sending so much dog food to the shelter that they have run out of space. They outlined the items still needed to help care for the rescued dogs:

We are in need of laundry detergent, Odoban, bleach, kitchen trash bags, 55 gallon contractor trash bags, Nylabone toys, and anything that you may want to send that we may be overlooking.

ABC News 4 identifies Tim Warren, the owner of Bentwood Labradors, as the person who is being charged. According to the news agency, he was charged with 61 counts of failure to provide animals with medical care, adequate food and water, and sanitary living conditions.

A total of 47 adult dogs and 14 puppies were removed from the property.

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