Oregon State Police officer covered in mud after rescuing calk elk stuck in a ditch

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Sometimes a rescuer just has to get muddied even if that rescuer is in uniform and an officer from the Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Department. On Sunday, Trooper Rzewnicki received a call from dispatch reporting a landowner and contractor in the Knappa area, who found a deer stuck in a ditch that had been dug for wires near new home construction.

Officer Rzewnicki arrived and reported the animal was still alive although he was upside down and stuck in the hole. The animal, however was not a “deer” – it was a calf elk. It is thought the calf had been stuck in the hole between 12 and 18 hours.

The officer tried several times to free the elk, and as a last resort, he climbed into the ditch, behind the calf’s head and was able to coax him and wrangle him out of the dirt.

Surprisingly, the calf seemed to be uninjured after his unfortunate experience, shook himself off and ran away into the woods. As for Trooper Rzewnicki, he was quite muddy, but no worse for the wear and happy that the young calf was able to run away and live his life. One can bet, that calf will be more careful with his explorations from now on.

Congrats Trooper Rzewnicki. You are a hero.

Source: Oregon State Police Facebook

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