Oops! Groomer accidentally gives woman the wrong dog

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A woman who took her dog to a grooming salon in Chesapeake, Virginia, got the wrong dog back when she returned. Tykesha Cherry posted photos of her dog, and the dog she was given, explaining what happened earlier this month in a public Facebook post:

Went to groomingdales on 21st street and they messed up. They gave me the wrong dog in pic 1 when the puppy in pic 2 is actually mine 😒😒😒 I just kept looking at him outside in the parking lot like you look so different smh thank goodness I called Quinn to make sure I wasn’t tripping before I pulled off because who knows where lil lucky would have been.

According to Fox News, the woman at the grooming salon had asked her if she was there to pick up Bentley, and she said no, she was there for Lucky. As she was paying for the grooming service, the employee returned with a white dog. Cherry did not look closely at the dog until after she was in her car – it was then that she noticed that something was amiss.

The dog in her car was friendly, but he did not react to his name and he seemed to be looking at her in an odd way. As soon as Cherry noticed that the dog’s eyes were different from her dog’s eyes, she went back to the grooming business and asked where her dog was.

Fortunately, Cherry’s dog, Lucky, was there and they were promptly reunited.

Cherry’s January 5 Facebook post was shared more than 25,000 times and it generated more than 9,000 comments.

(Image of dogs via public Facebook post)

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