One-year-old bull and pals escaped from their pen rescued by Stafford police officer

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A one-year-old bull and his friends – two pigs and a goat, escaped from their gated pen in the backyard of a Stafford, New Jersey home on Wednesday afternoon. The bull named Baby Cow had wandered to downtown Manahawkin when Stafford Police Department were alerted to the strange situation.

According to the Stafford Police Department Facebook page, a video from an officer’s body cam showed the bull tearing away at a mailbox and uprooting it from the post in the ground.

She’s busy assaulting a mailbox right now…. moo moo cow

Police officer joking as he waited for animal control
Pix Tv via Stafford Police Department video.

When animal control arrived, they were able to bribe the animals with food and safely led them home and back to their pens.

All in a day’s work for our brave police officers.

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