Oklahoma woman breaks into animal shelter to save her dog ordered to be euthanized

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In Oklahoma City, a young woman broke into the Oklahoma City Anima Shelter to save her dog just hours before she was to be euthanized according to a judge’s order. The pit bull named Hazel was ordered to be put to sleep because of her aggression.

That night, Hazel’s owner, Toya Stewart, broke into the shelter and rescued her dog. According to CbsNews, Stewart just wanted a chance to appeal her dog’s death sentence. And after she saved her dog, Hazel lived a few more days at home. Stewart adopted Hazel when she was only two months old, and the dog had been through many emotional struggles with her human. And even though Hazel was an angel around people she knew and loved, she had received the death sentence after having bitten the mailman and another small dog. The question always remains – had Hazel been a different breed, would she have still been doomed to death.

A few days later Stewart and her boyfriend were arrested for burglary, and Hazel was euthanized. The couple have been charged with burglary and concealing stolen property.

Stewart never wanted to break the law – she just wanted to save her dog, and as hard as she tried, it just wasn’t enough.

As tragic as Hazel’s life ended, Stewart has since adopted a new puppy; not that another dog would ever take her place, but she hopes the puppy helps.

Rest in peace Hazel. We are so sorry humans failed you.

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  1. I wouldn’t break into an animal shelter (or anywhere else for that matter)!!! I totally understand how she felt about her dog though…….

    I do think that this pet parent should have been given the right to appeal the judge’s decision (& the euthanasia postponed)……

    It seems very unfair to jail this woman and euthanize her dog whilst she was incarcerated…….,


  3. I want to thank everyone for reading my story and touching base on it. I wanted to clarify something. Like any court case they did give me 14 days to appeal. When I called down to the courthouse and ask him if I could start filing the appeal they told me I need a $500 cash Bond posted and I would need an attorney to do the appeal they wouldn’t let me file the appeal by myself. When I went to trial I represented myself and in my opinion I won. . But they didn’t want to hear that all they wanted to hear is if my dog bit somebody and she did but nothing else matter so I asked the judge what am I fighting for bc it’s already a lose-lose trials how can I stop her from being killed. He said try your best. I don’t know ma’am try your best but they haven’t already had a prejudgment on her they knew what they were going to do when I went to to court already. Everytime I try to call an attorney to take my case they never call me back I tried for 14 days every day to figure out how to find her how to get her how to save her and nobody heard my cries. Until it was too late I thought that maybe the judge will see how much she aas loved. consider the fact and maybe save her because he just saved three dogs prior to my trial that killed another dog to be let them go home she never killed anybody so I thought maybe they’d see how loved she was and that i tried I was in trial I did everything I could everything I was supposed to do. They came and got her early in the morning get a warrant they put me in handcuffs in front of my children and my grandbaby and they took our dog in front of my children and my grandbaby they took her and they killed her before they let me go and they told my daughter that she was dumped in a massive dump at the Oklahoma City junkyard and I know they knew that I wanted my dog back I wanted her back they even left a message on my voicemail saying after she’s due tonight since she’s still my property I can come get her and give her a proper burial they have pressed charges on me and they’re still trying to press more charges on me I willingly told on myself when the news came an interview me after I got out of jail because they had no idea it was me no proof but I told on myself because I didn’t want her to live because I tried so hard crystal children second chance I’m going to jail again so she can still lives or everybody can hear her story cuz it’s all I wanted to do in my original trial with me listen to me and hear my story but they wouldn’t and now I have a GoFundMe for Hazel’s Legacy at GoFundMe to try and get attorney fees and do try to get an obedience class up at the shelter animals who are loved can I have another chance instead of being put down you give to me another chance why can’t my baby have a chance


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