More than 70 dogs seized by animal control from horrid living conditions

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In Santa Rosa County, Florida, the Santa Rosa County Animal Control removed more than 70 dogs from a home in Gulf Breeze after the animals had been found living in unfit conditions.

On Monday, the owner who admitted to having been overwhelmed with the amount of dogs, surrendered the dogs to animal control. Because the shelter did not have enough space for all of the dogs, some were permitted to stay at the home temporarily. Outside kennels have been set up to accommodate the number of dogs and are being cared for with the help of volunteers and local rescue groups.

We only have a few open kennels at the shelter right now due to taking in close to 20 animals from a different situation over the weekend. The work of an animal shelter never stops and we are determined to provide the best possible care and best possible chance of adoption for every animal that enters our care. We are still in need of rescues to pull dogs and community members to adopt and foster. Many of the dogs coming in today will be available for adoption within 48 hours once they are cleared medically and behaviorally. The shelter is actively working with rescues all over the United States to pull dogs from this intake as well as from our shelter. We are also working with shelters up north to pull dogs.

Santa Rosa County AC

Most of the dogs appear to be thin and have skin infections. They are currently being treated, and the healthier dogs are available for adoption. The shelter is using the Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds and the Agriplex as an intake area for the dogs.

At this time, there are less than 10 empty kennels at the animal shelter. The shelter would greatly benefit from fosters taking available dogs for two to three weeks, as well as rescue partners who could pull dogs to open kennel space. Fosters are given all the resources needed to care for the animal such as vet care, food and any medication required.

Visit for more information on the foster program. Rescue groups interested in helping the shelter should contact the rescue coordinator, Tara DeAguilera at 850-530-5128.

Press release via Santa Rosa County Animal Services

An investigation into animal cruelty and neglect is currently underway.

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