Miracle ‘Travolta’ discovered by Uber driver lying near death on side of road is unrecognizable as he recovers

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Rescuers will not soon forget the skin on bones Travolta arriving in horrific condition to the Kentucky Humane Society after a local Uber driver spotted the dog’s seemingly lifeless body on the side of the road almost two weeks ago. When discovered, the barely alive pup was covered in his own urine and feces; maggots and open infected pressure sores covered his emaciated body.

Travolta was treated by veterinarians, repeatedly bathed, shaved and the wounds beneath his matted coat addressed.. He continues to enjoy the attention and has bonded with Dr. Bewley, and despite all that Travolta has been through, he still wags his tail, loves to be pampered and dishes out lots of slobbery kisses to show his appreciation.

For those of you wondering why this little guy was named Travolta, it was hoped from the first day he arrived at the rescue organization, he would survive and continue #StayinAlive.

Everyday Travolta gets stronger, and now weighs in at 21.8 pounds; and continues his long journey to optimum health. He’s had bonding time with another one of the KHS’ famous survivors – Ethan, and after the shy introductions from both dogs, enjoyed the companionship and a brief playground romp with his new friend.

Over the weekend, Travolta went home with Dr. Bewley for some extra love and care.

He did well with everyone in the house and slept peacefully through the night in the guest room with Dr. Bewley. ..It’s just been two weeks since he was found near death on the side of the road. We’re amazed at how far he’s come in such a short time, and we’re so proud of him fighting so hard to live…


Although Dr. Bewley readily admits that she loves Travolta very much, she will not be adopting him. She already has a house full and says,

While I cannot adopt them, I can love them all.

Dr. Bewley

We will continue to follow this little guy’s progress, and we will all be excited when he feels well enough to choose his new family.

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