Man arrested and charged for letting 800 baby pigs die

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An Iowa man was arrested and has been charged for letting 800 baby pigs die at his farm in Cedar Falls. According to multiple sources, Nolan Otto Dewall was arrested in mid-January on a misdemeanor charge of livestock neglect.

Dewall was hired to raise 2500 piglets at his farm at 417 S. Butler Road – he received the piglets and 15 tons of feed in late December, reports the Gazette. By month’s end, a consultant discovered that 800 of the piglets were dead and noted that there was no access to food or water for many of the piglets, and that the temperature where the pigs were being held was too cold.

The consultant brought in a veterinarian, who found water dishes that were “bone dry,” and a necropsy on some of the dead piglets confirmed that they had died of dehydration and malnutrition. Surviving piglets were observed with frostbite on their ears, or ears that had been completely frozen off.

Surviving piglets were relocated to another farm, but another 110 died during the transfer and over the next several days.

(stock images of piglets via Pixabay Free Images)

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